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Today LVLGO.COM take the Elysium Full Report For Jan 17 Maintenance to u, if you want to know more about the reason to why the legacy wow server down for so long time, plz ...

January 18,2017

LVLGO.COM Help u Sort all Maintenance news from Elysium Team (@elysium_dev): "All servers are going offline for unscheduled maintenance. We will update you with an ETA ...

January 17,2017

As LVLGO.COM Knows, Elysium have released 4 Nostalrius Servers for now, All running Good now, and more Legacy WOW Players can enjoy the game, The follow is the po...

January 16,2017

LVLGO.COM take the Retirement letter of Nano, who is the staff of Elysium, and do much for all Nostalrius/Elysium players for Legacy community, plz check follow f...

January 07,2017

LVLGO.COM is the Cheapest Nostalrius Gold Store Online AS you know, the famous Nostalrius/Elysium Gold Store, like OKOGAMES, G4WOW, MMOTANK, ZAMGOLD and so on, and the lowe...

January 03,2017