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Today, The best Nostalrius/Elysium PVP/PVE Gold Seller - LVLGO.COM take the New Elysium Quality Assurance Team Leader, Fenrir, who have Post on Elysium Community for the Legacy WOW Server, the post title is "Addressing Recent Concerns about Created Characters", if you want to know more post details, plz read the follow:


Addressing Recent Concerns about Created Characters


For those who are unaware of who I am, I am the new QA lead having taken over for Nano after he stepped down some time ago. I tend to not engage publicly as much as my predecessor did however I felt this was an important time to step in and bring some clarity to some recent issues.

There have been many reports of characters will incredible items popping up out of ‘thin air’ recently and I wanted to give more specific information for clarity to the public.

Through our investigation of the recent database issues, we have continued to find additional issues that one of the infiltrators had put on our plate. Through the help of our newest team member, Auya, we were able to discover a number of characters that were created with the sole purpose of selling the characters for real life money. To this point, we have identified and banned 38 characters. Our investigation continues as we dig deeper as I am certain that there are more created characters that are still out there and need justice dispensed. In regards to a specific warlock that has been reported to our team by dozens of players, there was clear major exploitation in both raids and PvP and, as a result, all accounts associated to this person’s IP have been permanently banned.

We have dealt with this situation with intense severity and it has consumed our time in the past few days as we are determined to rid the server of any outside interference that could invalidate the legitimacy of the server. We have confirmed that the blackhat hacker no longer has access to any sensitive information and that our jobs now are cleaning up the mess he left us. We have also confirmed that these issues are isolated to the Anathema realm.

Public witch hunts of specific players is against the rules of our server and our subreddit and any further posts will be removed. There have been ‘false positive’ reports about certain players and your witch hunts are killing their playing experience. Any more reports about specific characters who you believe should be investigated should be reported through our in-game ticketing system. The GMs then forward those names to me and the rest of our investigation team. I should also mention that links to Realmplayers profiles are not definitive proof that any shady business has occurred. Realmplayers is not an official armory for our server, so while the information provided by the Realmplayers service can be useful to our investigation, we have much better tools to confirm the legitimacy of specific players.

The Elysium team is fully committed to ensuring the legitimacy of all achievements on all our servers and we appreciate your partnership in that pursuit. We will have some more news soon that may prove more enjoyable as we near the launch of Blackwing Lair on the PvE realm and restart the work on Ahn’Qiraj on the Public Test Realm.


Quality Assurance Team Lead


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